Investigative Services in Allentown, PA

S & S Private Investigators specializes in getting the information you need, no matter the nature of the situation. From process serving to surveillance services in Allentown, PA, we provide reliable, efficient investigations to help you find answers, so you can move on with your life. Contact us for:

  • Domestic investigating:
    If you suspect your spouse of unscrupulous acts, contact our team. We will investigate discreetly and confidentially to get the details you need. Contact us today to begin your domestic investigation in Allentown, PA.
  • Missing persons:
    Has a loved one disappeared? We know how difficult this time can be. If you need to locate a missing person, we offer the investigative skills needed to find them. We will partner with you to put all our resources behind your search.
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  • Private investigating:
    Our team has access to restricted databases to aid in our investigations. This keeps our work thorough and efficient. We get answers fast, so you can take the next proper steps or simply enjoy peace of mind.
  • Process serving:
    When you need to ensure your paperwork is handled properly, contact us without delay. From filing court papers, to document retrieval, to serving legal documents, we provide fast, efficient process serving you can count on.
  • Skip Tracing:
    They owe you money, and now you can’t find them. If someone has defaulted on a debt, our tenured skip tracing team will apply extensive training to locate the debtor, so you can collect what’s due.
  • Surveillance:
    Do you need to keep an eye on someone? Our dedicated team offers surveillance expertise. We’ll gather the information you need and report back to you everything our surveillance uncovers.
  • Bounty Hunter Services:
    S & S Private Investigators is now working with bail bondsman to locate and apprehend delinquent absconders in PA, NJ, and NY.

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S & S Private Investigators offers precision PIs to get the answers you need. Contact our staff for professional investigations that get results. Reach us today at 484-860-3292.