Surveillance in Allentown, PA

You don’t have the time or the means to set up round-the-clock surveillance—but S & S Private Investigators does. Whether it’s a cheating spouse you’re suspicious of or shady business dealings that you need brought to light, we’re the professionals to tackle the job. No matter the situation, we’ll stake it out to ensure everything is properly documented as fact.

Keeping a Sharp Eye Out

When you choose us as your private investigator in Allentown, PA, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with thorough professionalism. We’ll surveil your person of interest, location or situation carefully, keeping detailed notes and documented evidence carefully cataloged. Our high level of diligence has helped us provide concrete proof of suspicion for clients, to be used in everything from divorce proceedings, to custody battles, to workers compensation lawsuits and beyond.

Cases we Take

Our experience with surveillance extends to meet a wide range of situations. Some of the most common cases we accept include:

spying on couple

  • Cheating spouses:
    Wondering how to catch a cheater in Allentown, PA? Let us set up surveillance to catch them in the act. We can document everything you need for divorce proceedings, custody battles, personal lawsuits and more.
  • Disability claims:
    Think you’re being duped by a false disability claim? We’re happy to take up surveillance and document anything that might signal that you’re being taken for a ride by the accuser.
  • Business dealings:
    Think your business partner is dirty dealing under the table? Need evidence of misconduct to take control over your business? We’ll provide the facts and accounts you need to move forward.
  • Person of interest:
    When an individual is under suspicion, it’s a smart idea to have them monitored. We’re on the job, round-the-clock, to ensure that person is being followed and documented.

Our abilities extend far beyond the above, and we’re willing to take on any case with merit that requires surveillance.

Start Surveilling Today

For more information about our abilities or to inquire about your unique needs, please contact us today at 484-860-3292.